Headshot Preparation Tips

Tip #1

Get good sleep the night before

We know it’s tempting to stay at the networking event for one more drink. Or to watch just one more episode on Netflix. We all know that getting an extra hour or 2 will make a considerable difference the following day. If you’re feeling relaxed & positive, you’ll look that way for the photo session. This will also help reduce bags under your eyes & generally make you look more radiant.

Tip #2

What to wear

People can be unsure of what to wear for a professional photo shoot. We always suggest wearing what you usually would when meeting a potential client. Wearing an un-ironed shirt, or a scruffy t-shirt will show in the photo.

If you usually wear glasses, decide whether you’d like to wear them in your portrait. If you aren’t going to wear them, or aren’t sure, take them off around 15 minutes before. This will allow enough time for the red marks on your nose to disappear.

If you wear makeup, don’t be tempted to over apply. This should be a fairly natural representation of yourself. If you usually choose a bold color lipstick, GO FOR IT!

And Finally...

Relax & Trust Us

Relax, trust us & enjoy yourself. Most people feel at least a little awkward having their photo taken. We like to play some music during our sessions because most people tend to be more at ease when listening to music that they enjoy. We will make sure that you are at ease so we can achieve the best results possible & capture you at your best.

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