Photo shoot fundraisers are a popular option for organizations as they offer a fun and easy way for people to contribute to a cause they care about. By working with Just A Soul Photography, organizations can provide people with a unique and personalized experience, and in turn, raise funds for their cause. This type of fundraiser can also help organizations build relationships with people in their community and create a sense of connection and support. Overall, partnering with Just A Soul Photography for photo shoot fundraisers is always a win-win situation for all involved, creating lasting memories and making a positive impact.


A portion of every photo session booked through you goes directly to your organization.

Every fundraiser that we are a part of gets a customized explanatory web page on our website that is similar to the one found here This can be used by the organization we are working with to show the prospective donors exactly what they will get with their donation, how it works and direct them to the organizations payment portal for the fundraiser.

Most fundraisers that we do consist of 2-4 designated days of mini sessions. Each day has a specific number of spots which can be picked on a 1st come 1st served basis.The sessions take place at somewhere local to the organization such as a park. The sessions will be approximately 20 minutes each. They'll receive a minimum of 10 fully edited digital images in color as well as black & white via online gallery that they can download for personal use. Included is 1-8x10 print of their choice. They'll also be able to order additional prints right through the print shop tab in their online gallery.

Our usual mini session fee is $275 but they will get it for just $225 with an added 8x10 print of their choice. $75 of every session goes directly to the organization that we are fundraising for.


Every fundraiser has different overall results. There are many factors that go into this such as the effort put forth by the organization to make sure people are aware of the fundraiser which will effect how many families sign up for sessions. Here are some breakdowns of what can be raised depending on how many people take participate in the fundraiser.

Let's Come Together For Your Cause